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Almost Done!

Recolance Legendary
Recolance2 @ CraftGasm
posted Sun at 14:13
Hey everyone, we are literally about 2 major plugins away from the point where I put together all the permissions and configurations into place to get the lobby and creative server out live! Unfortunately I can not find a developer to do this effectively. It will take a bit more time but we are just about there! I can't wait to see all the players log in and report bugs like crazy!

In about a week I will give an exact date of when everything will be pushed live, and then everything will be finished and ready to be played! I can not wait.

Shortly after we will release Vanilla, and Skyblock and Factions will take a bit more time afterwards to get completed although it will happen. Just from you seeing the lobby and creative I hope you guys see a really good understanding of how great this update is and what greatness is to come with the rest of the releases!
bambispirit Reco, When will the server move to 1.7.9? And, Sometime can we skype? I want to figure out how to set up Hamachi serv ...
Jet_Gold Skyblock will reset, however many new features will be added.
thenry420 SkyBlock reset?? Surely not?

Welcome to the New Website!

Recolance Legendary
Recolance2 @ CraftGasm
posted Apr 16, 14
Welcome to the new CraftGasm website. The website is available for people to start posting on the forums and getting use to the new website format while we finish up for a first server release of the lobby and creative server. We are also going to be finishing up some smaller portions of the website including our forum rules, and some smaller features. At this time using our new shop is not available as nothing will be credited to your Minecraft accounts, if you wish to donate use our old donation website at: Also voting is unavailable and will not credit your Minecraft account with crystals until our first server release. Once we release our first in-game content your website account will display more information on your website account, including your rank, online status, skin, and a few more other display features.

This is our first step of content until we release our first bit of in-game content. Take a look at our forums, join the website, and we hope you like the new layout. Thanks!

I do apologize for the delay of content, development takes time and unfortunately we were not able to get this completed as fast as I thought we would. I promise the wait is worth it, and can not wait to show everyone the hard work we have been doing to bring you guys the best Minecraft server we can construct!
junie2 m0ihgyjr
bambispirit Reco, I can't find where to start a thread could you show me where it is?
Dino_Beats Recolance is it today or tomorrow?
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